Negotiated Fuel Pricing

Using group purchasing power, we are able to negotiate very competitive pricing for our retailers' network.

One-Stop Shop

Retailers can find gas station related service providers using our growing directory including competitive credit card processors, business loans, and insurance.


Thru our network, retailers enjoy discounts on services such as fuel tank inspections, signage, and POS systems.


Browse a growing list of stations for sale, or use one of our network's qualified brokers to sell your business. Also offered is the opportunity to entertain the option of "Branding" your gas station.

State of the Art Fuel Ordering Platform

We're proudly expecting the public release of our new Online Fuel Ordering Platform mid-2016


Via mobile devices, users will be able to access the system to place orders, check status, and even make EFT payments


Built-in reports that give you clear insight of how your business is performing


Instant Quotes

Access all of your suppliers' daily prices... Instantly!


Using a mix of encryption algorithms, 2FA login, and even finger-print scanner, you can rest assure that your data is safe and secure

Who we are

Think of PetroHub as an alliance of fuel retailers (gas stations); an alliance that focuses on increasing revenues for its retailers. How?

As individual retailer, your supply costs are negotiated with very high markups; meaning you must lower your margin to stay competitive. This is also true for other operational costs, such as credit card processing, regular maintenance, signs, insurance fees, etc. PetroHub levels the playing field for the unbranded retailers by leveraging collective purchasing power to negotiate the best supply costs. Instead of you placing individual orders, PetroHub submits orders collectively from other retailers to negotiate "wholesale" pricing, allowing you to increase your margin for better revenues.

Who we are NOT

    We are not suppliers
    We are not distributors
    We are not jobbers
    We are not branding brokers


With over 350 Gas Stations in our network, here's what some of our members had to say about us

"These guys reach in the lion's mouth to get the deal I want... metaphorically speaking!"
Tony Bello Rosso
Exxon Dealer
"This business is getting very tough and hectic. We need an organization like PetroHub that's mainly focused on serving us. I love their concept and where they're headed! "
Fuel Distributor
"I own an LED sign company. I have done a lot of work for PetroHub members. I always agree to PetroHub's terms because I know they're not greedy and they really do have their members' best interest at heart"
Blue 2 Solutions


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